The Current Chrome Sand Landscape

Independent Mineral Distributors

Greetings from the Independent Mineral Distributors (IMD) team! Markets are facing a major shortage of chrome sand speciality grades. Despite global supply challenges, we are committed to giving our clients access to the world’s best chrome sand as soon as possible.

Did you know that approximately 80% of the world’s chrome ore reserves are found in IMD’s home country of South Africa? We are well positioned to connect our customers with the very best chrome sand for their applications.

Chrome sand supply is influenced by increased demand, the lower chrome ore grades market dynamics, supply chain constraints, climate events, and many other factors. There is currently a major shortage in speciality grades, but we anticipate production levels to pick up very soon to match the increased demand.

From foundries to refractories and beyond, chrome sand’s influence knows no bounds. At IMD, we take pride in offering not just chrome sand but a promise of quality, reliability, and excellence.

Independent Mineral Distributors

Our chrome sand products are mined from the LG6 chrome ore seam deposit, renowned for its low silica and high performance.

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Independent Mineral Distributors (IMD)