A Love Letter to the Industrial Minerals Industry

Greetings from the Independent Mineral Distributors (IMD) team! February is the month of love, and we’re seizing this opportunity to share our passion for the industrial minerals industry with you.

It would be challenging to name an industry with a more widespread impact than our own. As distributors working within the industrial minerals industry, we are proud and privileged to support industrial processes that are essential to everyday life, everywhere.

Without foundries, we’d have limited access to steel, aluminium, and copper and more. These materials are transformed into automotive parts, machine components, and construction materials – to name but a few.

We connect our customers with the finest foundry-grade chrome sand, perlite, and more.

From the steel making furnaces that produce the structural materials for buildings and infrastructure to the kilns used in the production of ceramics and glassware, refractory materials are indispensable.

Our customers within the refractory industry rely on our chrome sand, andalusite, and more.

Beyond adding colour and visual appeal to our surroundings, paints and coatings protect buildings, vehicles and household appliances from corrosion, weathering, and wear.

IMD is proud to partner with the paint and coatings industries as a distributor of micro talc, green chromic oxide,  iron oxides, and more.

When you believe in the value of what you do, excellence comes as easily as breathing. Our customers know us for our high-quality product range, but this ongoing excellence has been earned after 36 years (and counting) of shaping the industrial minerals landscape.

We’re proud to work with industry leaders like TUPY, AJF, AkzoNobel / ICI Dulux, and Prominent Paints. Looking for a reliable mineral distribution partner to support your growth?

For industry insights and news from the world of industrial minerals, stay connected with IMD. Follow us on LinkedIn and visit our website for more information.

Best regards,
Independent Mineral Distributors (IMD)